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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Emma Fay, 'The Inbetween'

Opening Night, Tuesday April 27th 5-7PM, Runt Space Gallery - Welcome!

The exhibition focuses on the blurring of the 'inbetween' state of life and death. The 'inbetween' state is the blur of feelings that beings experience on the verge of life and death: confusion, loss and rejection.

Emma Fay expresses this state through painting with the use of chiaroscuro and partial naturalistic representation.

Pippa Makgill, 'Puddles'

Opening Night, Tuesday April 27th 5-7PM, Link Wall Gallery - Welcome!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Angela Jia Zheng, 'Spectrum'

Opening Night, Tuesday April 20th 5-7PM, Link Wall Gallery - Welcome!

A spectrum of the visual and the thematic filled with the eager anticipation of simply wanting to lock everything we see into a physical image.

These images create the illusion of a slight colour spectrum and similarly also span a spectrum of different areas of our world - the interiors, the exteriors and the abstract.

Liz Gridley, Amy Healy, and Ellie Collins, 'Against My Body'

Please join us on the Opening Night, Tuesday April 20th 5-7PM at
Runt Space Gallery, where drinks and nibbles will be provided!

Bringing together artists from 3 different disciplines (painting,
metals + jewellery and printmaking) “Against my body” asks you to consider your body in new ways, to explore the sensual and visceral nature of flesh, whilst revelling in the experience of artworks being visually tactile. 

Friday, 9 April 2010

Ellen Burns, 'Placement'

Opening at Link Wall this Tuesday 13 April, 5-7PM

Placement is the exploration of a journey. This exhibition shows selected images from a larger series that evokes feelings of disconnection as well as humour and personal experience. It is an investigation of the relationship between text, location, artist and audience.

Ellen Burns

Nick Lekakis - 'Eunuchs'

Opening at Runt Space this Tuesday 13 April, 5-7PM
"Imagine life without sex.  Sounds dull, right?  Imagine life without the need for sex.
There are only possibilities.

See the men who are making real changes in their lives.  Despite having been motivated by a great variety of concerns, they have all arrived at the same emancipatory action.  Leaving behind the petty animalism of a gendered, sex-driven society, these men are shaping a utopia of focused energies by removing frustration at its source.  The modern man is the eunuch.  Their moment has been captured in portraits for this exhibition."

Nick Lekakis